Video Marketing Strategy & Implementation @ EWOR

In collaboration with the TUM School of Management, under the guidance of Professor Isabell Welpe, my teammate and I embarked on an exciting project to develop and implement an impactful video marketing strategy for a company. Our goal was to enhance brand exposure and engagement through strategic utilization of YouTube and TikTok platforms.

Throughout the project, we conducted thorough research and analysis to devise the most effective video marketing strategies tailored to the company’s target audience. We delved into market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor analysis to identify key opportunities for maximum impact.

As the project progressed, I took on a significant challenge that arose from the company’s requirements. I was tasked with mastering a new software, Davinci Resolve, for video editing and animation purposes. Recognizing the importance of this skill set in achieving our objectives, I dedicated myself to mastering the software within a short timeframe. Despite its complexity, with unwavering determination and countless hours of learning, I successfully acquired proficiency in Davinci Resolve, enabling me to create captivating and professional-quality videos. The implementation of our video marketing strategy proved to be a resounding success.

Undertaking this project not only demonstrated my ability to develop comprehensive video marketing strategies but also showcased my adaptability and willingness to acquire new skills. Learning Davinci Resolve, a software with an extensive manual spanning thousands of pages, highlighted my commitment to excellence and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges.

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