Flappy Bird with GPT Code Interpreter

Code Interpreter in ChatGPT is superhuman! Took me 5 mins to build this game.

Here is how: You can make your own game assets with any AI generator and then ask GPT-4 with Code Interpreter to write the code. I used Stable Diffusion and RunwayML to create my assets.

1. Write this prompt: “I would like to make a game similar to Flappy bird”. GPT-4 will provide you with some details. Now ask “I want you to write p5.js code with the above idea. Also, add a scoreboard”. 

2. Next prompt: “To enhance the game, I will provide a background image, bird’s image, and pipe image” (These are your files). Additionally, you may add sound.

3. Go to Openprocessing website to create and save the sketch. Copy and paste code from GPT-4. Save the sketch and upload your files (on the right-hand side).

4. Make sure the filenames match precisely as in the code provided by GPT-4.

5. Run the program.

You should be able to play the game now!

#gpt4games #flappybird #codeinterpreter

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