Kids Game with GPT Code Interpreter

I built a game with GPT-4 Code Interpreter to cure this problem.

What do you think?

Last week when I built the Flappy Bird game, many people suggested GPT-4 with Code Interpreter can do even better and solve real-world problems.

I found one.

Problem: Boy Crying & ‘Scrolling’ Reels on an Imaginary Phone

I am assuming it’s an addiction to phones/tablets and dopamine-releasing apps.

So let’s try to get rid of the ‘addiction’

Idea: Digital Detox (yes, that’s the name :D)

– The game, when launched, locks the device.
– Transforms the device into an engaging educational platform.
– Allows kids to scroll through the alphabet, each letter paired with an interesting illustration.
– After *6 minutes of use, the game begins its unique dimming process.
– Gradually transitions into grayscale, mimicking the iPhone’s black & white mode.
– This subtle transformation fosters natural disinterest in the app.
– Encourages users to put the device down.
– Utilizes the mechanism of scrolling to gently ease children away from screens.

Key features:

– Educational value
– Dimming mechanism 
– Lock feature
– Customization: *Time can be set here
– Sleep mode: Phone not accessible during this period
– Usage reports: Provides parents with reports on usage; monitor screen time

Think of ‘Digital Detox’ not just as a game but as a guardian angel for your child’s digital health.

I have used GPT-4 Code Interpreter with Openprocessing.

Screen dimming was not possible with Openprocessing.

So I made a grayscale layer over the original (i.e., another game) and recorded the video separately.

Watch the full video to see how it works.

Consider it as a prototype.

Credits: Images – Flaticon, Boy video – Twitter.

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