Shamsh Hoda Group Picture

Internship @ Semodu AG

During my internship at Semodu AG in collaboration with CampusFounders, the largest startup hub in Heilbronn, I had the opportunity to apply my expertise in design thinking and lean startup methodologies to address real-world business challenges. Under the guidance of CampusFounders, I underwent extensive training and skill development in these areas, honing my abilities to develop customer-centric solutions and drive innovation.

By leveraging my mastery of design thinking and lean startup concepts, I successfully developed creative and customer-focused solutions that effectively tackled complex business problems. Through careful analysis of customer needs and the application of innovative concepts, I was able to deliver impactful solutions that prioritized customer experience.

One notable achievement during this internship was the development of a project that garnered significant acclaim from both colleagues and supervisors. By employing new digital solutions and a ground-up approach, I contributed to the creation of a startup that addressed challenging business problems and offered innovative solutions.

My internship experience at Semodu AG in collaboration with CampusFounders has provided me with invaluable insights into the application of design thinking and lean startup methodologies, as well as the ability to drive innovation and develop customer-centric solutions. I am eager to bring this expertise and passion for problem-solving to future projects and contribute to the success of organizations seeking to drive meaningful change.

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